Image of the week: the face of a child

Anna Swain_IMG_4625When I saw Anna Swain’s striking images from her book BURMA, I knew I had met a photographic artist with an extraordinary sensibility. I invited Anna to contribute one of her favourite photographs for Image of the Week. I can see why she chose this one. Anna writes:

Early in the morning at a local village market on the shores of Inle Lake, central Burma, I came across this tiny little person. She was sitting amongst the spices in her mother’s stall, eating a giant bowl of rice. Our eyes met through the lens and this moment was captured. She was undistracted by my presence and continued eating contently. Her beautiful face was painted with Thanaka, the traditional make-up used for sun protection. Life of a market child.

medium res cover[1]
Anna developed a love of photography from an early age. Two years ago, after a life changing trip to Burma (Myanmar), she published BURMA — Tiffins, Nuns and Turmeric, a photographic journey through a mystical land, capturing the culture and its people. A premium quality hardback production, with almost 300 photographs to feast on. Available online at

Image of the week

©Robyn Mundy_IMG_0287 ThunderstorMaatsuyker Island–2010-12-06_lowres

Storm front off Maatsuyker Island. ©Robyn Mundy

On a day of screaming winds and rain squalls right across this island state of Tasmania, I am reminded of this rain-bearing front approaching Maatsuyker Island. Within minutes Maatsuyker was deluged. During the writing of Wildlight I frequently drew upon my island photographs; this one helped build a scene for a destructive storm that would leave its mark on a fleet of fishing boats as well as those on the island.


The phone app I most love messing around with is my Hipstamatic camera. Lenses, films, flash bulbs: there’s no end to playtime fun and funky effects. Here’s a selection from a driving trip across Australia.


Image of the week

I am thrilled to introduce up-and-coming photographic artist Sean Lee, a young action and adventure sports photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. With a focus on mountain biking, Sean’s images can be found on the covers of national and international publications. This high-octane photo was shot during his 2015 trip to New Zealand, and is in the running for the Photo of the Year Award.

Sean Lee_MG_8897-3 copy

Queenstown local Joel Tunbridge flies down a trail on the slopes of Coronet Peak, overlooking New Zealand’s Southern Alps. ©Sean Lee, 2015.

Sean’s amazing image sits beside a worthy competitor. Check out the two finalists here. Voting is in its last hours and requires a Pinkbike account, which takes 30 seconds to create without any of those pesky follow-on emails.

Click here to read Pinkbike’s ‘five minutes with the finalists’ interview with Sean Lee and Lee Trumpore, on the nitty gritty of mountain bike photography. Regardless of which image takes out the trophy, in my eye both boys are champions!