Cold Coast, by Robyn Mundy

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Just last week I was toying with the idea of joining Marina Sofia in her December reading project ‘Russians in the Snow’ because I thought that settings in snowy wastes would be consoling in the extreme heat of an Australian summer.  Little did I know that within a day or two I would be reading a book that sent a chill down my spine, and not just because it’s set in the polar region of Norway!

This is the blurb about Robyn Mundy’s new novel Cold Coast:

Inspired by the story of Svalbard’s first female trapper, Cold Coast is a gripping portrayal of survival within the stark beauty and perilous wilderness of the high Arctic.

In 1932, Wanny Woldstad, a young widow, travels to Svalbard, daring to enter the Norwegian trappers’ fiercely guarded male domain. She must prove to Anders Sæterdal, her trapping partner who makes no secret…

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3 thoughts on “Cold Coast, by Robyn Mundy

  1. A story of a land as foreign to me as the surface of the moon, yet Robyn’s writing brought it alive to the point where I could hear the crunch of the snow under a booted foot and the roar of an iceberg calving. The people too were real and familiar, as dwellers in harsh places, like those I have met in the Australian outback. I’ve just finished reading Cold Coast and may very well start again, it is so captivating.


  2. How wonderful, and timely, you should mention this superb novel, Lisa, which I’m currently reading. I’ love everything about it from the cover to the stunning descriptions of the landscape and the developing relationship between Wanny and Anders.


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