Epic Voyages

Epic Voyages coverby Robyn Mundy and Nigel Rigby

Published by The Five Mile Press in Australia
ISBN (Australia) 978 1 74248 505 8

Published by Kingfisher in the USA
ISBN-10 (USA) 0753465744
ISBN-13: 978-0753465745

Available at select stores or purchase online

Suitable for ages 10–14 years, or for any reader who enjoys a good adventure story illustrated with slick diagrams, maps, fold-outs and loads of how-to stuff on exploration and survival.


“Here is an instance of book design being as exciting as the subject matter, and this subject matter is pretty wild stuff. . . . The text is intelligently written and allows the miraculous nature of each voyage to propel the story forward. The extended captions are the color commentary, adding bright bits of information that round out the picture. . . . The selection of artwork is excellent . . .handsome, moody engravings . . . lively watercolors.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Beautifully produced and visual impressive, both Epic Adventure volumes will bring readers thrills while at the same time providing a great deal of fascinating historical information – making them books that teach successfully in a visually focused age.” ―Infodad.com

“The brief narratives describe the voyages of Magellan, Cook, Shackleton, Heyerdahl, and Chichester and give details of their journeys, why the men embarked on them, and what was going on in the world at the time. . . . Young readers will enjoy browsing through [this book].” ―School Library Journal

“As with a museum visit, the graphics will grab readers in these exciting, extra-large-size titles in the Epic Adventure series, packed with high-quality color photos on every double-page spread. Just as gripping are the narratives, captions, and technical details of exploration, adventure, and survival.” ―Booklist

“this epic topic [is] both accessible and exciting.” ―Tucsoncitizen.com



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