Cruising to the Heart of Nature 1

I work seasonally as an Assistant Leader on expedition-style tourist voyages to Antarctica. Being amongst the ice, removed from the hubbub of everyday life, is for me and many others a meditation, a balm. Daily encounters with wildlife—penguins, whales and seals that approach us with wary curiosity—fulfils me as much now as it did when I first ventured south. I am lucky to work on a small, cosy, ice-strengthened vessel with passionate workmates and affable travellers.

Minke whale Neko Harbour IMG_7248 LOWRES_©RMundy copy

For over an hour this minke whale played around our Zodiacs and popped up between the kayaks with only millimetres to spare. He or she seemed reluctant for us to leave and followed our ship out of Neko Harbour. ©Robyn Mundy

Gentoo line Cuverville Is web

Gentoo line-up at Cuverville Island. ©Robyn Mundy

IMG_5752 Lemaire Channel-email

It’s hard to top a beautiful day amongst pack ice.
Cruising south through Lemaire Channel. ©Robyn Mundy

2015-01-16_RM_Pleneau Island_IMG_3537

Ocean currents bring icebergs to rest off Pleneau Island. ©Robyn Mundy