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©Robyn Mundy_IMG_0287 ThunderstorMaatsuyker Island–2010-12-06_lowres

Storm front off Maatsuyker Island. ©Robyn Mundy

On a day of screaming winds and rain squalls right across this island state of Tasmania, I am reminded of this rain-bearing front approaching Maatsuyker Island. Within minutes Maatsuyker was deluged. During the writing of Wildlight I frequently drew upon my island photographs; this one helped build a scene for a destructive storm that would leave its mark on a fleet of fishing boats as well as those on the island.


17 thoughts on “Image of the week

  1. What a photo! I love the still tranquil ocean adjacent to the roiling clouds of the approaching storm. Captures the power of nature, but also the beauty. And the excitement!


  2. I was very excited to see this post as I just finished Wildlight yesterday and now the images you have created with your prose are honed sharper by this photograph. I loved the book and loved the ending.


    • I can’t tell you how good your comment makes me feel. Thank you for liking Wildlight; and I agree: I LOVE the power of images. For me a lucky shot: right place right time, camera in hand. Thanks for your reply.


    • Thanks for the lovely compliment, Amanda. Not hanging from the lighthouse (though I love the image) but racing toward it for shelter, pulling up every few metres to snap yet another shot. We assumed we were sheltered by the lighthouse as lightning sparked down. Recently the entire lighthouse was grilled by a lightning strike–it blacked out the island–and made us reflect on how lucky and naive we were to think we were safe in that vulnerable veneer. x


  3. Perfect timing Robyn, as I am part way through Wildlight – but haven’t go to the storm yet! Now I can set the scene!


  4. Beautiful. I was just down at Melaleuca two weeks ago and (by coincidence) had also just started reading Wildlight so this photo captured so well the feel of this beautiful part of Tasmania. And I have just finished Wildlight and so enjoyed it. Can’t wait to dip into The Nature of Ice (and have also been to both the Arctic and Antarctic so I am sure it will envelop me in the same way that Wildlight did).


    • Thank you, Mark. It’s a pretty remarkable corner of the planet, wild weather or calm. Good on you for reading Wildlight. Great to hear you are a like-minded traveller with experiences of the polar regions.


    • Thank you, Rachael. A lucky shot. After wildly snapping a handful of photos we barely had time to race to the lighthouse before the full brunt of the storm hit.


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