Wildlight – Book of the Week

Wildlight front cover angled copyMy new novel WILDLIGHT is Book of the Week at Coast FM in Auckland, New Zealand. Lovely reviewer Stephanie Jones writes:

Nature is the star of Wildlight, the evocative new novel by Robyn Mundy…Mundy’s prose is redolent with the sights, sounds and scents of sea and sky: clusters of mutton-birds return to nest, the air filling with the rancid smell of their oil; fisherman risk their lives to bring in their catch in violent weather…

Above all, she acknowledges vagary, the element of chance that plays its hand in every existence: “Perhaps we navigate life that way. Perhaps we change course at precisely the wrong moment, blink and miss landfall.” Wildlight beckons to a reader seeking entry to a different world.

Check out the full review by Stephanie Jones. For those in New Zealand, enter the competition to win a copy!


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