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©Robyn Mundy

Soviet Chic 1981

Honestly, who needs a smart phone? There are many things I love about MV Polar Pioneer, the Russian ice-strengthened ship I work on seasonally in the polar regions. While this stout little vessel has undergone plenty of remodelling to bring it into line with 2016 adventure travel, it still retains relics of its 1980s charm from its cold war days as a hydrographic research and “listening” ship. This vintage phone, used for daily communications throughout the ship, sits on Chief Engineer’s desk and is still going strong. Nazdarovya!


8 thoughts on “Image of the week

  1. And so functional too! This phone won’t break down, or need new batteries – it’ll just keep going!


  2. Wow I haven’t seen a phone with a dial like that for years. Well, apart from the imitation rotary dial candlestick one that sits on our bookshelf, but the Russian one in your story is a beauty.


    • I love those gems on Ortelius. ⏲ On Polar Pioneer the paper lining the cabin drawers are from our ship’s charts. It’s neat that even with all the computerised navigational equipment on the Bridge of the Russian polar fleet, the officers still also meticulously use paper charts. ⚓️🛳⚓️🛳

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