One Year in Tasmania

Videographer Simon Treweek. Photo: Robyn Mundy

In a recent blog about Maatsuyker Island, I spoke of an island visit from two shiny videographers Simon Treweek and his mate Nick ‘Noodle’ Nain-Smith. During their stay the boys experienced the full brunt of Tasmania’s Southern Ocean, with knock-down winds, lashings of rain and tantalising bursts of sunshine. I doubt anything could have dampened their enthusiasm, for in 24 hours the boys soaked up the island with their cameras to create the 3-minute video Maatsuyker.

Now, not one but two of Simon’s adventure-plus videos, The Edge of the Earth and Maatsuyker, are shortlisted in the One Year in Tasmania Adventure Film competition 2017, part of the Cradle Mountain Film Fest. I thoroughly recommend grabbing 3 minutes then another 3 minutes from your own crazy adventures to view them. Have your say in The People’s Choice Award, open now until May 2nd. To vote, simply β™₯likeβ™₯ your favourite(s). Links to my two faves below:

Photo courtesy of Simon Treweek

The Edge of the Earth: Surf photographer Stuart Gibson grabs inspiration from Shipstern Bluff, the heaviest wave on earth. Directed by Simon Treweek, this high-octane video won Simon an overnight stay at Maatsuyker Island, courtesy of Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service.

Photo: Simon Treweek

Maatsuyker: Visit a mysterious island that Tasmanians hear about every day in the weather forecast but that few have ever seen. Directed by Simon Treweek. 



8 thoughts on “One Year in Tasmania

  1. Dear Robyn, another inspiring and uplifting post! Thanks for the heads-up re these short films.. loved them (and LIKEd them) both. All the best, Marg.


  2. Fabulous to see the Maatsuyker doco and see a vignette of your lives there and your cohabitants. What a special place – I can imagine it stays in your heart forever!


    • Hey, Ann,
      It is great to see Maatsuyker through Simon and Nick’s eyes, and to get to experience the eye of the wave at Shipstern Bluff!
      Thanks for watching. 😎


  3. Two x three minutes (plus reading time) very well spent. What a fabulous post — and it definitely makes me want to re-visit Tasmania. Best of luck to Simon and Nick for the competition.


    • Thanks, Maureen. 😊 All of our lives are brightened by these outpourings of creative energy. Thanks for spending the time to check out the videos. πŸ‘Œ


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